A dance piece I created in collaboration with the always amazing Emma Jaster when I was a Junior at Amherst College. This is video taken during a dress rehearsal.

Dance’s relationship with Video is something that has always fascinated me (probably starting with my first exposure to Michel Gondry’s dance music videos). I’m currently wrapping up the final post-production touches of a short film/music video featuring the jaw-dropping tap dancing of Jason Samuels Smith (Jason on Wikipedia) and the producing/directing talents of Kate Duhamel (Alley Oop Films). You can learn a bit more at the projects blog. In the meantime, here is some bonus footage that we shot of Jason tapping on Market Street in San Francisco after we wrapped shooting:

I’ll make an announcement on my site when the project is finished.

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27 04 2011

BION I’m ismpresed! Cool post!

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