Timmy Hahn is a multiple-threat media-maker: Producer, Editor, Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Designer, and (sometimes) Actor.

A student of theater from an early age, he carried his love for the performing arts through to a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from Amherst College (2006/cum laude). Tim’s theater training focused mostly on Directing, Stage Management, Design, Writing, and Improvisational Comedy.

During college, he expanded his passion for storytelling as he also trained in the art of filmmaking. A resident of San Francisco, he is now diving headlong into the brave new world of New Media.

A facilitator and tech-junkie to the core, Tim is a producer and post-production ninja first (Producer + Editor = Preditor!). However, this Jack-of-all-Trades is ready for any challenge.

Tim also really loves video games (Xbox Live gamertag: twii) and even co-hosts a weekly podcast covering games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (Extra Lives TV)…

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